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Marco Paret

Matt Traverso

Paul Elliott

Peter Sage

Kevin Martyn

Gian Luca Tonelli

Stefano Santori

Stefano Benemeglio

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Our Certification Board...

It’s with pride and delight that we present you our CERTIFICATION BOARD: the first members listed are also the great speakers that held our first International NLP-3 Coaching Conference which took place the 10th and 11th of July in Nice (French Riviera)... This Conference has set up new standards in the field of coaching

In this board we have also recently welcomed the members of the International Partnership "Master Trainers Europe"

Dr. Marco Paret

NFNLP’s Trainer of the Year in America.

Foremost Leader in NLP & Hypnosis in Italy and France.

NLP Master Trainer.

Matt Traverso

Executive Coach to high-flying business leaders.

Well known high-performance seminar leader and NLP Specialist.

Anthony Robbins Senior Mentor.

Paul Elliott

Founder of Personal Success Programmes and 2 other entrepreneurial companies.

Success Coach to sports professionals and many major companies such as Vodafone and Proctor & Gamble.

Peter Sage

Very successful entrepreneur with 8 current businesses, including multimillion pound, multinational companies.

Youngest official Trainer in the world for Anthony Robbins.

Gian Luca Tonelli

Renown italian coach and trainer certified in NLP, a true expert in human resources.

He has held over 19.000 hours of training in the classroom, scoring more than 41.000 students.

Kevin Martyn

Kevin is the ultimate ideas generator.

His ability to see opportunity where others see nothing, and then make them work has enabled him to rise from nothing to self made millionaire.

Stefano Santori

Renown italian coach and trainer certified in NLP, a true expert in human resources.

Stefano has tought courses in Leadership, Management, Advanced Communication and Human Influence.

Stefano Benemeglio

Researcher, trainer and prolific author. He has over 30 years experince in the business world, in the public and private sectors and as an entrepreneur.

He is a multi faceted-professional recognized as a visionary, and guide in many fields as hypnosis and Non-Verbal Communication.