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What Is Coaching?

All great professional athletes have a coach to guide their progress toward a goal, support their success, and help overcome any weaknesses. In today's fast-paced business world, top producers are hiring executive coaches to give them that edge in reaching their goals. Just as a personal trainer can help you maximize your physical fitness, a business coach can help you take your business, your career, your life to the next level.
How Coaching Works
Coaching works because it brings out your best. A coach believes you have the answers and is trained to bring them out. Coaching is a structured yet flexible set of conversations for discussing challenges, opportunities and results.

Here is a sense of how coaching conversations help people make lasting changes and generate desirable results:

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Why Coaching Works
Coaching is a dynamic, personal, and action-oriented relationship which helps clients reach their goals. By leveraging technology, the coach works with clients anywhere in the world. There is no travel or interruptions in the coaching process. Coaching is all about accountability. Clients make changes, increase their skill level, and take action. As a result, clients reach their goals faster...

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Sample format:

· Clarify current conditions.
· REFOCUS direction and vision.
· Identify Obstacles/Resources.
· Specify goals and desired outcomes.
Confidentiality is absolute - it's safe to discuss whatever is most important to you.

· Clearing obstacles and distractions.
· Accountability - keeping promises to yourself.
· Well-being and stress management.
· Efficiencies and time management.
Together we eliminate distractions and energy-drains, and strengthen foundations.

· Brainstorming methods for success.
· Communication challenges.
· Prioritizing and planning.
· Harnessing untapped resources.
Creativity and structure make all the difference.

· Weekly action plans.
· Role-playing difficult conversations.
· Managing “curve balls.”
· Maintaining motivation and a sense of purpose.
What was once tough now becomes fun.

· Celebrating at the finish line.
· Securing accomplishments.
· Tying up loose ends.
· Acknowledging and rewarding contributors.
When we celebrate our accomplishments, we move forward with more motivation and drive.

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